UI design – Resident Music

UI design for an e-commerce website for Resident Music – award winning indie music store with a global following in the heart of Brighton.


UI design for a famous music store

In 2011 Resident Music had a following that extended far beyond Brighton. They needed an online store that would not only allow them to sell music to their customers but also to bring a feeling of the store and all it’s vibrant activities to the online experience. visit website

Store front Store front rsz_resident-interior shop interior

Designing the website

I was brought in to do UI design on the project and I quickly set about trying to absorb as much of the Resident vibe as I could. I spent an intense evening in the shop and back rooms with owners Derry and Natasha, along with a few dedicated customers. I listened to them explaining their relationships to the shop, their online shopping habits and requirements, their music choices and the events that accompany much of the goings-on at Resident. I took photos, made notes and really listened. They wanted the website to feel just like the shop. I wanted the UI design to be able to grow with them.

homepage-resident-music-jay-alvarez-ui-design homepage 2016 album-screen-resident-music-jay-alvarez ui design Album view category-view-resident-music-jay-alvarez-digital-designer search results

Since developing an online store, Resident Music has expanded their business and seem to be doing very well on and offline. This came through from the clients shortly after launch:

From customers who’ve ordered:

“I received my parcel yesterday and must tell you I am so impressed! firstly for the speed with which it arrived – within 8 days that is great! and also with all the goodies you included in my parcel, thanks a lot!! felt like Christmas already! I haven’t had time yet to listen to all of it, but I am sure it will be as nice as receiving this yesterday! I will certainly be ordering from you again soon. love from South Africa”

“How very dare you open an online shop! Do you realise the financial implications for people like me? Instead of trudging down to the Lanes once a month I can now deplete by bank balance every day of the week without leaving my chair. YOU B*STARDS!”

From a fellow record shop:

I just had a rummage on your website, and IMO it is the best indie store website I have ever seen, f***g fantastic!”

From a supplier:

“I Like it. A lot. Simple, informative and a pleasure to browse. It’s like being in a shop, which I’m guessing is what you were after.”

“Most other sites are just too… ‘busy’. Amazon for example, you’re on and off there as soon as possible. Good sites you’ll spend time on. Along with your social network gubbins driving your database to the site I think you’re on to a winner”

From Twitter:

“Website is wonderful. Small, intimate, and lovingly put together, a great reflection of the shop itself”

“The new @residentmusic website is brilliant!