Rebrand – inasp

A rebrand for INASP – an international development charity working with universities to broker access to knowledge for academics in the global south.

INASP rebrand - final design visualisation of stationary

A fresh look after 20 years

INASP is an international development charity working with a global network of partners to improve access, production and use of research information and knowledge, so that countries are equipped to solve their development challenges. Over 20 years they had grown and felt that they needed their branding to reflect their new directions and values. I was put in charge of leading the rebrand.

Rebrand process

Understanding how INASP worked took a while as it was a complicated organisation with many semi-independent programmes some of which were now required to merge under the new brand. I brought in talented designer Jack Hooker to work with me on the rebrand. Working collaboratively helped to bring out new ideas and ways of looking things. INASP’s existing brand had a very established feel about it and was well known, but they also had another brand called for a programme called Peri,  which had a more modern look and was well liked. The issue was that the programme was ending and being integrated into core INASP work. To this end, the rebrand had to have something of the old INASP and something of the Peri brand too. INASP had already done some of the core values, brand language and other branding exercises so we worked on so we felt we something of a base to start on. The final design was inspired by the globe and ideas around networking. The output from the rebrand was a complete package of assets including brand guidelines, logos for print, online and social media, templates for documents and presentations.

inasp-logo-idea-braid-jay-alvarez-digital-designer-aptivate (1)
inasp-logo-idea-butterfly-books-jay-alvarez-digital-designer-aptivate (1)
inasp-logo-variations-jay-alvarez-digital-designer-aptivate (1)
inasp-brand-guidelines-colours (1)