Microsite – Future Climate for Africa

A one-page scrolling microsite for CDKN to help policy-makers navigate the outputs of the scoping phase of Future Climate For Africa.


The Brief

Future Climate For Africa (FCFA) aims to improve the use of climate information in long-term decision-making across sub-Saharan Africa, leading to improved climate risk management and the protection of lives and livelihoods. CDKN and Future Climate For Africa wanted a co-branded microsite that would enable them to distribute the outputs of the scoping phase of FCFA.  I was asked to design and develop the microsite which was integrated directly into the CDKN WordPress website. Visit website

The process

This was a very short project and I came in as lead designer and lead developer. I conducted a very short 2 hour discovery session where we defined key users, created personas and explored user journeys.


one of 3 personas

I then created a series of mockups that would take advantage of the fullpage.js one-page scrolling library. I used a system of overlapping semi-transparent images in the background that allowed me to create more interesting effects but keep the file sizes small.  I used a template widget plugin to allow me to easily create the correct HTML/CSS for the page and to, more importantly, allow CDKN to edit the page without worrying about specific markup related to the fullpage.js script requirements.

First Designs

First designs had a much more colourful background,  but the client felt it was too strong so the final design was lighter.

website design v1- FCFA microsite - CDKN

v2-design microsite for Future Climate for Africa - CDKN